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Truss, Frame, and Building Consulting Services


At Glencoe Truss & Frame, we will provide you with a prompt, no obligation quotation free of charge.

To arrange a quotation for your next building project, simply email a copy of architectural and engineering drawings to us.

To have your plans collected from your building site or office, please contact our office to arrange a meeting with our Sales Representative.


At Glencoe Truss & Frame we use the latest Multinail Cornerstone design software to design your pre-fabricated building materials. The Multinail software also has the facility to take us on a "virtual tour" of your project, by utilizing this facility, we are able to visualise and solve any potential problems that may arise. All pre-fabricated wall frames are designed by a Registered Builder.

Site Measures

Glencoe Truss & Frame provide an on-site site measure service. We can measure your project prior to design of wall frames, floor joists and roof trusses to ensure accuracy of the final product.

Site Installation

Glencoe Truss & Frame employs a team of qualified Carpenters/Welders to install your structural steel products efficiently and effectively. Perfect for builders and owner-builders, we act as a "One Stop Shop" for timber and steel integration, ensuring your frame stage is delivered efficiently and effectively.

While we do not offer a direct timber frame installation service, Glencoe proudly associates with numerous fully qualified carpenters and installation teams who know and understand the unique Glencoe system. Glencoe can confidently refer these partners to assist with your project.

Owner Builder Support

Are you an owner builder with a potentially costly problem facing your DIY home project?

Or do you just want some guidance from an experienced builder?

At Glencoe Truss & Frame we understand that owner builders obtain great satisfaction from undertaking thier own home bulidng project. We also know that things don't always go as planned, and when that happens it's good to know you can get expert advice on any issue big or small.

Glencoe offers a unique service that could save you thousands of dollars or days off your project lifespan. Every day we help customers avoid costly construction issues by leveraging our experience in domestic construction. You can now benefit from our knowledge.

Let your DIY project benefit from our experience...